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We rely totally on donations from the public to ensure we can continue helping the victims of drunk drivers and their bereaved families


We also need funds in our campaigning work to produce leaflets and other promotional material to convince people of the mindlessness of drinking and driving.

There has never been a better time to donate to CADD than right now. After years of decreases in deaths due to drunken drivers, this Christmas saw a rise in deaths and injuries. So we urgently need to do more to get our message across - for that, we need your help.

This is the key fact to remember - over 2,000 people are killed or seriously injured in drink related incidents in the UK each year. One of these could be one of your loved ones - please help us stop this carnage now!

The easiest way to donate to CADD is online via PayPal. Those of you who have used eBAY, and there are millions who have, will be familiar with this safe, easy to use method of payment by credit/debit card over the internet. CADD has a PayPal account and you can make a donation to it any time by clicking on the credit card button below. If you don't already have a PayPal account, still click on the button and you will be taken through the simple registration process.

Click the DONATE button below to be taken through to CADD's PayPal page

NB: CADD advises a donation of at least £5 to cover our costs.

You can also donate via cheque - payable to CADD - to their offices:

RCM Business Centre
Dewsbury Road
Ossett WF5 9ND